wandering mind

Cooking dinner one evening last week, waiting for the pot to boil: The condensation forming on the lid was developing into this fabulous leopardskin effect. Too good to miss. I love the ephemeral beauty in the everyday. It's everywhere, once you start to look. So I took this photo and shared it on social media in the circles who … Continue reading wandering mind

Water in Parallel: Bring in the Deities

The two Water paintings have been progressing along since I last showed you. The biggest development has been that they are now populated with deities. I've invited in the spirits of some gods and goddesses from all parts of our history and mythology. In keeping with the themes, these are rulers of water and creativity. … Continue reading Water in Parallel: Bring in the Deities

Water In Parallel (part 4)

The story so far, has lead us to this point Now, if you know me at all, you'll understand that I need colour like I need coffee, sleep and oxygen. So while the peeling back process had restored some of the original brightness, it's not enough for me. I'm getting hungry for colour and there's … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 4)

Water In Parallel (part 5)

The ongoing story of the two paintings about Water bumbles on... collage on top of painting on top of collage. Next? Next came more painting! I love the stuff that going on here, it's expressing the watery vibe I want it too. But there's a lot of it with no central focus. It's uncoordinated jazz … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 5)

Water In Parallel (part 3)

Having left off at this point, the next question inevitably is: where next? Well. Now it's dried the hasty haphazard approach to the initial gluing has resulted in a bumpy bubbled surface. Which kinda appeals, not least as a literal interpretation of the Water theme. But it doesn't give the substrate the integrity we all … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 3)

Water In Parallel (part 2)

Last post I had just constructed these thick papery substrates on which I had not the foggiest idea what was to happen. Which is a really exciting place to be! When in doubt, I like to make a big move: a doing or an undoing, doesn't really matter which. Time to make a change: lose … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 2)

every last ounce of goodness

I've been dying fabric for the quilt lately. I've been dying fabric for years. It got me thinking: The only stage I don't like is towards the end when the residue dye - as it's no longer active - has to be poured away. Why? it's mostly water. But something inside me winces, it's beautifully … Continue reading every last ounce of goodness

day last-but-one

While I was playing with my new inks last week, I developed some of these experiments on Thursday's and Friday's pages With a thick coating of white gesso on part of the page, scribed with pencil for deep furrows of swirl, the inks had routes to wander around and new routes made with small watercolor … Continue reading day last-but-one

never say never (ever)

If there's one thing that will motivate me into action, it's being told that I can't do something. Even (or especially) when the person doing the telling is me. In reaction to a phrase in my last post "When space limits me to work on just one project at time..." Uha, really? I went on … Continue reading never say never (ever)

ink runs

Two pages in one post, Playing with ink never tires, never gets samey, never ceases to amuse me. Alternating between transparent, opaque, and water in drips and runs, watching the pigments flow and merge; Pulling at the puddle edges with a brush or pen or stick... imprinting in wet ink... Big love for ink!