Tiny Book, Borrowed Words.

This Tiny Book is part of the #TinyBookCollective from Hope Fitzgerald over on Instagram. Check out her posts to see more itsy weeny books like this, and find out how to take part.

Paper Obstacles

I had a really clear idea what I wanted to do with this book from (almost) the outset last year - a rambling whirl of doodles, a stream of consciousness running through the pages.

just lurking

Hello lovely friends of the internet, I've missed you, where have you been? I haven't posted in a little while due to an absence of images. This is the coming together of a doodly thing I did a few weeks back Watercolour and fountain pen,  intricate and involved but in a stilted inhibited style, so … Continue reading just lurking

something familiar going on…

We've all got our own way of categorising, organising, ordering our worlds about us. And we often aren't even aware of this until we encounter someone whose ways differ greatly from our own. For me, it's by colour.  (no shit...really?) Back in a previous life when I was an office bunny who shuffled papers and … Continue reading something familiar going on…

stream of consciousness

I'm so enjoying this book, it's a book without rules or boundaries. Previous art journals have always had a Reason Or arbitrary parameters to guide the content. Often it was based around a time frame: a page a day , a colour a month, a spread a week But this book is finding its own natural … Continue reading stream of consciousness