never say never (ever)

If there's one thing that will motivate me into action, it's being told that I can't do something. Even (or especially) when the person doing the telling is me. In reaction to a phrase in my last post "When space limits me to work on just one project at time..." Uha, really? I went on … Continue reading never say never (ever)

Moments in the process

There is often a stage in the process where I look at the page and think WTF? What is going on? It might fly off on a tanget, or it might develop recognizably from here. But until it does, I have no way of telling... Pushing on from this point gets easier every time. Like … Continue reading Moments in the process

day of the ephemeral dragon

When I was doing the paper dying thing I was using future pages of sketchbook to catch the drips. Today this page came round. Pleasant in itself, but that was then. The nature of this is to be ephemeral, fleeting, evolving. This page belongs to today: time to change. Skipping over the stages I forgot … Continue reading day of the ephemeral dragon