A is for Alphabet

I've had this book, Alphabetica by Lynne Perrella, on my shelf for a long time. It's a gorgeous reference for folks like me who play with mixed media art, and who love language, lettering, and for things to be organised alphabetically.   This year I'm taking a 12 month course by Carla Sonnheim called Y is for Yellow, … Continue reading A is for Alphabet

fingerpainting, music and people (31/52)

From this To this Collaged in music and people then some proper fingerpainting. Real, visceral, icky fingerpainting. You want to play now too, don't you? The whole process reminds me of weaving:  layers show through in places. In and out. Each one adds. Collage, colour, paint & words. That's all. As always (to me) the … Continue reading fingerpainting, music and people (31/52)

Wordful Week 7/52

Week 7 turned out to be a wordy week. And full of stuff : New (super) Moon, Valentines, I hit my weight lifting target that I set at the start of the year.... All in all, a week of giddying goodness. And..... My Birthday,  which involved coffee, cake and kitties at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium … Continue reading Wordful Week 7/52

words and colors

If you've visited here before you'll have to noticed two of my favourite things are words and colors. So dying a dictionary seemed the obvious thing for me to do. 30 years ago this month I began high school. 30 years ago? Lordy! Equipped with the essentials dictated by the school, I now owned a … Continue reading words and colors