the str-e-e-e-tch

This guy was in a yoga magazine before he got here. In between times he's been hanging out in my collection of cut out magazine snippings. I haven't attempted this asana for a long while, it's one that feels amazing at full stretch with straight limbs like this, but limbs and joints don't always want … Continue reading the str-e-e-e-tch

2/52 Dream Big

One of the purposes of this weekly art journal is to offload some of the stuff I pick up through what I read and hear. Already I'm feeling the benefit of unburdening my busy head! I might never need to read these things again, but it's a way of filtering them out of my internal … Continue reading 2/52 Dream Big

The Power of the Wish

I posted this image yesterday. Ive read these words in a few memes lately and they really appeal to me. But I posted this particular one as it's one of my yoga wishes. As I said yesterday, if I could do this it would make me really happy So this morning's Yoga with Adriene (don't … Continue reading The Power of the Wish

More Focus & Trust 1/52

So last night I polished off the first week of my 2015 week by week art journal. Little tweaks and changes.... more emphasis on Trust - I gotta trust in this process, and more focus on the word Focus. Got me thinking about focusing on what this week has meant to me. The big silvery … Continue reading More Focus & Trust 1/52

New Wishes for the New Year

Happy New Day folks! Yesterday (last year) I hadΒ  a little rant about New Year's Jumblings. Cos I don't really understand a lot of it. Cos it doesn't make sense. But that was Then. This is Now! And as I promised, here are the New Wishes I'm beginning my version of 2015 with: To double … Continue reading New Wishes for the New Year