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TWELVTY is a year long exploration of the color wheel.

It began as a personal project, and was the reason I began this blog. In 2017 I transformed the project into an online program, I expected this to be a one-off.

But TWELVTY had other plans for me.

So in 2018 I’m taking another trip around the color wheel. I’m excited! I know the territory, and I know when I return to each segment there will be more to learn, a deep understanding to glean.

In 2017 I made this 12 color art journal from an old world atlas, one color at a time, this is what a year full of color looks like:

In case you missed them – here are the colors one at a time: 


TWELVTY is adventure you can join too.

Because we’re exploring color TWELVTY is the kind of program that can enhance any creative practice.

In 2017 I was joined by a group of artists and creatives from around the world. Our group included painters, art journallers, photographers,  textile artists, a weaver and an author! Some are students, some are other teachers, some just starting out and some with years of experience as working artists.

It’s testament to how much fun TWELVTY is – some of the 2017 group signed up to join again before we even finished the first trip!


What happens?

By exploring the color wheel and each of the 12 colors, I share my creative process plus a feast of resources about color I’ve collected for you.

You’ll learn about the history of how color has been used, not just by artists, but as part of different cultures around the world. You’ll discover the meanings linked to the colors, how there are connections through the ages and around the world. Each color comes with a guidebook and a juicy colorful ebook that are yours to download and keep forever.

I’ve bundled up a wealth of resources for you to explore further in your own time. There are even playlists of songs and music relating to each of the colors! (I said it was thorough, right?)

In 2018 I’m introducing a new element to TWELVTY – a shared creative project that we’ll work on together as we traverse the color wheel.  We’re going to make an actual 3-D color wheel!! Find out more in the Q&A

Twelvty a year full of colorSome places are still available TWELVTY 2018 Find out more & join here


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